Trump is now liberal about Pakistan

Trump is now liberal about Pakistan

During US President Donald Trump’s visit to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said he was ready to mediate in Kashmir.

They also claimed that during his recent visit to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mudi, he had urged them to mediate in the Kashmir issue.

The Government of India has refused to demand any request from Prime Minister Moody on this matter.

“We have seen President Trump’s statement in the press that if India and Pakistan ask for it, they will be ready to mediate in the Kashmir issue,” Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar told Reuters on Twitter, “and Prime Minister Narendra Mudi has demanded such a president Trump.”

“India has consistently supported bilateral negotiations on all issues with Pakistan,” he said, “and the condition for any dialogue with Pakistan is to close cross-border terrorism.”

“Kashmir is a bilateral issue between the two countries, and the Trump administration is ready to cooperate with Pakistan and India on this issue,” the State Department said in a tweet.

But Pakistani Prime Minister Amran Khan welcomed President Trump’s proposal to mediate in the Kashmir issue.

The question is whether Pakistan has succeeded in making the Kashmir issue an international issue that it has been trying to achieve over the past few years.

The BBC’s Indian correspondent Anant Prakash spoke to Navtej Sarna, the Indian ambassador to America, and tried to understand the different aspects of the issue. Pdia-

Has Pakistan succeeded in trying to reach the Kashmir issue internationally

Pakistan can not be said to have succeeded in its efforts. Statement of our Foreign Minister Trump Giachenko strongly denied parliament in parliament.

The State Department spokesman also denied that such a request had been made on behalf of India.

In such a case, when one of the parties does not wish to mediate, how can this issue become international? At the same time, both countries decided that the issue should be decided on the basis of the Shimla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration.

Given their modus operandi, they appear to have been unaware of the complexities of this issue. In this way, he made this mistake. After that, the foreign minister gave an explanation on this issue on behalf of the Indian foreign minister. ”

Does this talk spoil the relationship between India and the United States.

Trump’s statement has damaged relations between the two countries. After that, he will now try to improve relations with leaving this issue behind him.

There is a deep relationship between the two countries that India is a strategic partner of America in many cases. But the statement issued in it, has the ability to damage relations between the two countries.

This will hurt the US government. From defense to strategic partnership between the two countries. There is a strategic partnership between the two countries in India and the Pacific. In such a case, this problem could harm the relationship but will not be allowed to occur.

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Moody said before leaving for Japan that he would also raise the issue of women’s empowerment and extremism at the meeting.

Moody and US President Donald Trump will meet at the G20 conference. Everyone has an interest in meeting these two leaders.

Trump imposed trade sanctions on many countries of the world, including India. In response, India also raised the tariff for American products

Now the US president said before the meeting with Moody that India should withdraw tariffs on US products and that tariffs on American products should be removed.

“I will talk to Narendra Moody about the tariff issue, and India has already imposed a lot of tariff on American products, and now they have increased it more, this is not acceptable, India has to reduce this tariff,” Trump said in a statement.

In fact, when Trump was elected president of the United States, he had an agenda that made the United States very financially strong.

In this way, with the number of countries with a trade deficit in the United States, they are trying to improve the situation.

That is why they were raising tariffs on China and now their eyes have also become in India.