Do two people work together

Do two people work together

There is no doubt that the world has changed rapidly in terms of jobs. Business days are completed from 9 am to 5 pm.

Functions that sit away, part-time jobs and flexible clock functions have taken their place.

There is another arrangement with this change – sharing function. Forbes recently called it “the latest revolution” in offices.

In post sharing, more than one person performs the same function together.

Although this concept has been in place for several decades, only 0.4 per cent of people in the UK do so.

Most managers are open to the idea of ​​participating in jobs, but they do not understand how this arrangement can actually work.

Experience 23 years

Maggie Piot and Judith Kilick have shared 7 posts in the past 23 years. They also received promotions and honoring Shahi.

Both women wanted flexibility in their careers. There was no such flexibility in legal professions, so he went to civilian (different) civil appellate offices in civil service jobs.

“I knew I would have kids, so I wanted to work part time,” says Pigot.

Kilic also wants to balance children and family. In this way the purpose of each was the same.

They received payment three days. Pigot used to work from Monday to Wednesday and Kilik from Wednesday to Friday. One day used to work both.

“On Wednesday, the overlap was very important,” Kilik said. “One knew how to work and they were working, something that could not be shared.”

It involves issues related to employment issues or the strategy of their responsibilities.

“You also need to get in touch with people around you about how job participation works, and what the benefit of those people you work for, whether they are judges or clients,” she says.

“They also want to know how to work for them.”

Looking for the right partner

Finding a partner is worth very important. “In many ways, this may be the hardest thing for Kilik.”

“I met Maggie and I worked in one department and we were in the same stage of life, we had kids and we wanted to do the same,” she says.

The pigs feel that those who share the job should not be identical.

If they are complementary to each other, it would be great because you can do everything you can to do well and help each other as well. ”

“But the working attitude must be the same: the person is a good worker, and if he is not the other, he can not work.”

“You should also think about leadership and management because you do not want to work with each other.”

Trust each other

Trust partner is the most important. Both Pigot and Kilic confirm this.

“On Wednesday, when I was assigned to work in the hands of Judith, I wanted to not worry, go home, see the children, see my mother and take care of other things,” says Piot.

According to Kilik, you should avoid removing the beef in the other person at any cost. “It is not good to go back, always go ahead.”

Time and resources are needed to share and operate the function.

The biggest challenge comes when other people do not think about how this (system) works, “says Kilek.

“People find it very difficult to imagine it, so set up a lot about how to share the work so you can answer these questions.”

Although partnership in employment remains insufficient, hunger has increased to work differently from the traditional model.

Flexibility Function

Research shows that 87 per cent of people in the United Kingdom want to work flexibly, but these jobs do not exceed 11 per cent. Half of these jobs are part-time.

Men also want flexibility in their work, but they can get less benefit compared to women, because much of the care responsibilities can only be borne by the shoulders of women.

Maggie Piot (about this arrangement) mitigates the dilemmas that arise in the minds of middle managers.

“As long as you do not see how the partnership function works, you will continue to think about all the reasons why it did not work.”

“When you think you can do the right things, all your fears will be over.”

Apply the upgrade

How will two persons working in the public sector advance civil service promotions?

“No one has ever done anything like this before, I remember I got a call from HR, they were asking how we should interview you,” he says.

Kelik did not think about it before, but he answered immediately.

He suggested to HR to separate his interviews with Pigot and see if he was able to function. At the same time, see also how to tune in with them.

In this way, he became a model for interviewing work participation.

In such cases, however, human resources must conduct three interviews for the same function. Is not it an unnecessary problem?

Pigot and Kilic find the company and its employees.

Everyone’s advantage

“The share of productivity increases productivity,” says Kilek. Product participation increases by 30% through higher level participation.